Monday, February 25, 2008

What’s Wrong Nicky? The saga continues...again

Nicky seemed physically okay this morning. His fever did not return. This is a total mystery. Something caused him to get so sick yesterday, but I have no idea what it is. His doctor is out until tomorrow so we will have to wait to see her. Sure hope she has an idea.

The only signs that things are not well are that he is doing a lot of verbal stemming and he is agitated. I can tell he's agitated because he keeps trying to pinch me - which means his body is disorganized - and if he thinks I am going to say something he does not want to hear, he's instantly ready to go into a tantrum.

However for the most part he's acting like it's a regular day. So, I decided he should go to school for an hour or so. His aid said he did well...with one noticeable difference. He was calm, he did not hit, he did not act sick, but he did not respond to his classwork. She said he just could not seem to do the work. Apparently he had a math test today and he didn't respond to the questions that she knows he understood. She's worried that he's forgotten. He hasn't forgotten. My guess is it's taking everything he has in his little body to keep it together and he just wasn't up to doing the work.

I hope we figure this out soon.

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