Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Autism Sucks

Autism sucks. Tonight I was watching Autism the Musical. I'm glad for these familes, I'm thankful for the women who gave so much and I'm sure that the documentary will have it's version of a happy ending. But I can't watch anymore. It’s a little too much reality for me. 

The edited down version of hundreds of hours of families pain and frustration condensed to reveal the most painful and insightful moments. A picture wisely designed to impact the people who don’t understand "Autism" by giving them a real peak into the most difficult and saddest parts our lives.

But, I do understand, I live the life they are showing and it’s a total emotional over load for me. Watching ASD kids who are verbal talking about bullies and ASD kids who non-verbal trying to communicate complete with physical melt downs and violent behavior, hurts. Watching parents talking about divorce, parents talking about depression, parents talking about how it will never be okay for their children until people value people with autism and parents talking about wishing they die before their children, parents filled with raw emotion that had no place to go so it escapes when ever there is an opportunity. 

I am all of them. They are all part of me and it’s too hard to watch.


  1. Hi Donna,
    Tim & I had the same reaction. He, in fact, had to go to bed because watching Autism the Musical left him exhausted after only 1/2 hour. Seeing the wreckages of the marriages WAS hard -- harder, in fact, than seeing the struggles of the children. God knows, we have our scars, too. Thanks for validating our pain as parents. I've been here so long now -- 13 years -- I have forgotten what it feels like to not have the giant Autism elephant in the living room at all times. (sigh) Keep up the great blogging.

  2. most health problems do but autism has different varieties so it largerly depends on where you are on the scale