Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hi Bacon!

Let Yourself Laugh!

One of Nicky’s greatest challenges is language processing. It takes him a long time to process and comprehend words he hears and he is slow to learn new words. When taking to him in some ways it’s like being around someone who is really hard of hearing. They pick up the words they understand and they guess the rest. For the most part this is challenging and frustrating, but this week it was funny.

Nicky was at school when his therapist, saw him looking at a group of his female classmates and acting as if he wanted to talk to them. His therapist is a big guy and he talks to Nicky in very cool dude speak. His therapist watched him and said, “Dude, seems to me you want to go and say Hi to the babes”. Nicky looked at him thoughtfully for a few minutes, and then walked over to the girls and said “Hi bacon”.

Everybody laughed. They could have been offended, they could have laughed at him, but they didn’t. Lovingly they all laughed together. They all knew that Nicky was trying his best to say something nice and they loved it. When I heard this I couldn’t stop laughing. He is too cute!

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