Friday, May 8, 2009

"Thank You Mommy"... Happy Mothers Day

I wanted to share something special on mothers day. Then it hit me, the perfect post! Last year a friend sent me a beautiful message. Although it was sent to me, it was a message for all moms who love and support their kids everyday.


"It's during these extra hard days that it becomes very clear why God sent Nicky to YOU. Nicky is an angel who was sent to Earth in a form that may never allow him to feel the hurt, of disappoint from bad people, crapy bosses, shity girlfriends, or bad credit. He just is a wondrous, peaceful, ball of pure joy, who deserves to be protected and shielded from anything that could ever hurt him. In his infinite wisdom, God sent an ANGEL from heaven to an ANGEL on Earth, and that would be YOU. As draining as it is for you, to watch you keep it together and endure his challenges is remarkable on so many levels it's impossible to put into words. Deep inside him, there's a healthy boy trapped inside that body who knows that you are there for him. Since he can't tell you, I'll say it for him..

"Thank you mommy for always being here to hold me and protect me when I'm hurting. I know I will get better as long as I have you. I Love You."

Now, go have a good day!

Happy Mothers Day Everyone

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