Saturday, July 25, 2009

Health Insurance In America

Last week I got my health insurance renewal. It went up 19 percent (with no improvements in coverage for anything, much less ASD). The reason stated for the increase was "Change in Trended Base Rate". What is that?. Within hours of getting my renewal package, my mother sent me this. I feel sick, oops bad idea, I might not be covered.

Insurance company's continue to post record profits. Below is past compensation and bonus's packages paid to insurance CEO's. Experts project they will get more for 2009.


• Ronald A. Williams, Chair/ CEO, Aetna Inc., $23,045,834

• H. Edward Hanway, Chair/ CEO, Cigna Corp, $30.16 million

• David B. Snow, Jr, Chair/ CEO, Medco Health, $21.76 million

• Michael B. MCallister, CEO, Humana Inc, $20.06 million

• Stephen J. Hemsley, CEO, UnitedHealth Group, $13,164,529

• Angela F. Braly, President/ CEO, Wellpoint, $9,094,771

• Dale B. Wolf, CEO, Coventry Health Care, $20.86 million

• Jay M. Gellert, President/ CEO, Health Net, $16.65 million

• William C. Van Faasen, Chairman, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, $3 million plus $16.4 million in retirement benefits

• Charlie Baker, President/ CEO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, $1.5 million

• James Roosevelt, Jr., CEO, Tufts Associated Health Plans, $1.3 million

• Cleve L. Killingsworth, President/CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, $3.6 million

• Raymond McCaskey, CEO, Health Care Service Corp (Blue Cross Blue Shield), $10.3 million

• Daniel P. McCartney, CEO, Healthcare Services Group, Inc, $ 1,061,513

• Daniel Loepp, CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, $1,657,555

• Todd S. Farha, CEO, WellCare Health Plans, $5,270,825

• Michael F. Neidorff, CEO, Centene Corp, $8,750,751


  1. WOW! We can't afford to pay for any medical. Aaron needs a root-canal and a crown for his tooth. He is in so much pain. This is not fair!!!!

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