Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Day After....

This year the day after is good. This is the only time I can remember my biggest after Christmas wish was NOT time to recover from the holidays. I cooked Christmas din din and it was easy and fun. My sister has been sick, my mom had hurt her back, my niece is going through a divorce, with all of that as a background all that mattered was having my fabulous precious imperfect family all in once place. The last two days I've been hanging out and playing with the kids. There is no stress, no thoughts of what's next, just now, REALLY!

I'm loving the downtime...well as down as we get in the Jones house. I'm hoping this is a signal for life to come in the new decade!

It just hit me, I really am living in the moment. I wonder which "A" I need to thank, age or autism?

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