Sunday, April 4, 2010

ASD and Household Appliances

I just took Nicky out of the cloths dryer! He's okay, but it wasn't easy getting him out. He was mixed in with a full load.

LOL...never a dull moment.

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  1. WOW! How did he do that! LOL

    I love reading your blog when I have time (I have a 6 yr old twin son that also has autism). Keep up the awesome work. Nicky is very lucky to have you as his mom.

    BTW, I wanted to share something you may have already read or heard about, but since you are in the USA, most likely not. I posted about this special song with lyrics -after you hear & read the lyrics, you'll understand why I love this song from out of Australia:

    Hopefully the song will be released in the USA (I could not buy it via iTunes because I am in the USA). The writer of the song is a mother of a 6 yr old son that has Autism. She is currently working on getting it available in the UK and hopefully in the US. She has a blogger on here as well and is another great mom out there, like you.

    All the best,