Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toxic Chemicals Linked to Autism & Other Health Problems

This just in from Lou Vismara and the Senate Select Committee on Autism.
What toxic chemical, found in baby bottles, water bottles and food storage containers, even at very low doses, has been linked to a staggering number of health problems including autism?

To view the answer go to

Recommendations from Senate Task Force's on ASD across CA just posted on You can get updates on whats up with Aging Out,Insurance Coverage, early intervention and more. Really worth checking out!

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  1. Hey Darlin!

    That's wonderful news! Yes, Autism awareness has increased tremendously since you started your courageous, pioneering trek several years ago. Thank God for you, Dr. Lou and others, who serve as 'Autism Beacons.' Stay up my sister!

    Also, please let me know when we can get together, so I can present you with your gift from The Fuller B. Gordy Mentors' Fund (Friends of Fuller). We're way overdue! Let me know.

    Continued blessings,
    "Change your water ... Change your life!"
    "Where It All Began"
    "Preserving America's Soul"