Monday, August 16, 2010

A Twist on Statistics!

I never really thought of myself in terms of a statistic.
Seems there is no escaping our lack of uniqueness. 

I'm a single mom, and a small business owner. I have a son with Autism and together we take all the categories. It's like a sweep at the Oscars, we win it all. LOL

Gee it's the first time I know of, that winning in all categories simply sucks.

Here goes......

  • 80% of the ASD Population are Boys - That's us
  • 20% of the ASD Population are Girls - Wow, not us.
  • 86% of parents of children with ASD are divorced - That's us
  • 33% of children with ASD have gastrointestional problems - That's us
  • 25% of children with ASD have siezure disorders - That's us
  • 57% of children with ASD have sleep disorders - That's us
  • Children from minority families have the greatest difficulties getting services - That's us
  • African american children with ASD are most likely to get late diagnosis- That's us
  • African Americans with ASD are the most likey to have negative interactions with police - Whew...not us yet! 
To all of you out there...I pray your family falls in fewer of these categories than mine.

Note to self: make my own statistics in good categories :) 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I just found your blog today and Me and my sister both have little boys with Autism. We also have blogs. I think it is a great way to get your feelings out and also let others know that they are not alone. I hate that your little boy got diagnosed later. Our boys are 4 moths apart and They are 3. We have had to work really hard to get where we are but are really grateful to go through this together! Thanks again for sharing I can't wait to read more!

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  3. The 20% is me, the 80% is where my father and brother fall under.

    No, parents are not divorced, even with two autistic kids and another with different special needs, plus Dad being autistic.

    No gastrointestional problems with the three of us.

    My brother has seizures.

    All three of us have sleep disorders.

    We're not minority, but we've had a very hard time getting services.

    Not African American, but I was misdiagnosed with MR and other things before they finally got it right when I was 15.

    Not African American, but both Dad and I have had negative interactions with police.

  4. We only got the first oscar.

    Our son spews out echolalia, has an obsession, perseverates, has co-morbid anxiety disorders, and left a note for Santa on the tree last Christmas at the age of 21. So I do think we qualify for something.

    Where did you get the 86 percent figure? This has been the subject matter of a lively debate of late around here and elsewhere.

  5. Wow this is depressing LOL gotta laugh cuz crying is reserved for only the really bad times. Out of the six I only miss two. I have a girl and no seizures :) but by age 6 she had the cops called at a little cesars after she had a tantrum and broke the big cardboard cesar and pushed a little kid. Thank God she was with Daddy and his homewrecking girlfriend LOL! The look I imagined she had on her face kept me from being upset at my child (sorry ) hee hee.