Friday, October 22, 2010

News Alert: Governor’s Veto of SB 1283

Governor’s Veto of SB 1283: Setting the Stage for Future Legislation

You are probably aware that the Governor has vetoed SB 1283 by Senator Steinberg.  This important legislation was a step in the right direction to ensure that the grievances and appeals (especially those related to autism and other developmental disabilities) that are filed by consumers with the Department of Managed Health Care are resolved in an appropriate and timely manner. 

The Governor’s veto message noted that “I cannot support this particular bill because it is overbroad…..and may actually lead to longer delays due to some of the bill’s provisions.”

SB 1283 was supported by a broad array of advocates and groups dedicated to improving consumers’ access and to healthcare services.  Consumer Watchdog noted that “Schwarzenegger veto harms kids with Autism.”  Further, Consumer Watchdog’s perceptive blog on the SB 1283 veto opined the following: “Why would the Schwarzenegger Administration make the change the insurer’s wanted? 1,324,850 reasons—that’s the amount of money the governor has received from health insurers in the form of campaign contributions.” 

Although many of us are disappointed by the Governor’s veto, our resolve is merely strengthened by Senator’s Steinberg’s conviction and commitment that health insurers “step up to the plate and do the right thing.”

To read the Governor’s veto message please click here The comments by Consumer Watchdog on the SB 1283 veto can be viewed at this site.

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