Sunday, November 21, 2010

An ASD Day

Nicky 's social skills are better, but better than what? He used to not talk to people, now he talks to people, randon people but it's what he says that needs work. Today he saw a cute little girl in the zoo and she had a dinosaur on her T Shirt. So Nicky happily yelled to her "Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales. Hi Dragon Tales" and with great excitement about meeting the little girl he began to jump up and down and make noises.  The little girl just froze and I said "your shirt reminds him of dragon tails, so now thats you". She looked wide eyed at her mom frightened and left. The mom, just took her and walked away.  He was happy - she was scared. The Great disconnect our kids face.  Clearly, we are not there yet  :(   It's time to return to working on basic greetings. 

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