Thursday, December 2, 2010

Video: Mom Pulling Language & Working On Waiting

Nicky lives on what I call our "In Home Torture Program" where nothing is free not even his "Freetime" !. Everything's earned and it's a life of first this and then that.  :)   All day we use his favorite things as leverage to teach skills and reduce negative behaviors and he's come SO FAR!!!  He's doing so much in these short clips; he's waiting, keeping his body calm, accepting re direction,  following my multiple directions and he's responding to my conversational questions all things he COULD NOT and/or WOULD NOT be doing if not for all the early intervention strategies.  I remember when he would get so frustrated he could only wait a minute and then he would melt down. Now he know's it's all about "I give" and "I get". 

Whats happening in the video: 
Nicky loves the computer and looking at pictures on the computer is a BIG favorite. He really wants the computer and I've told him he can have it in a few minutes, BUT first he needs to answer my questions and talk to me while keeping his body calm and waiting. 

Watch the video's here or use the link:


  1. Donna,
    Never once did you sound frustrated or impatient. You are simply the best mother in the world.
    Yr Vermont Friend

  2. Best Mom, not so much. Just a mom but I greatly appreciate the love and support.

  3. I agree-- you never once sounded frustrated. You just stayed calm, which in turn helped him stay calm!

  4. My son used RPM (Rapid Promting Method) which is an augmentative comunication technique. He is able to express himself via a letterboard or word processor much more in depth than he could verbally. I wanted to ask you if you have tried to have conversations with your son where you ask a question and he types out his answer? I think you mentioned he was a good writer. My son pecks at the letters with one finger so he doesn't have to be able to type with all 10 fingers to communicate. This method has given us such tremendous opportunites with academics and self expression that he is currently on diploma track in a high school in a special day class.