Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wake Up Call...AGAIN!

Another wake up call; young men can't behave like little boys! Nothing brings that into perspective faster than a 12 year old boy who still kinda looks like a kid; who has grown 4 inches, 3 pant sizes, 3 shoe sizes in 10 months and now has what looks like a dirty lip that will soon be replaced with a mustache. OMG!

It's fantastic we've reduced Nicky's aggressive behavior, but we can't stop pushing him. Time is flying by and there's so much more to do.  Suddenly those tantrums, or pushes that seemed tolerable, compared to aggression are frightening and they too have to go.  I feel like the window is closing, I wish he could grow a little slower and give us a chance to catch up or maybe find a cure before we have to face the unknown of adulthood.  While I'm wishing, maybe I could ask to stop puberty all together, freeze him back at 9. Yeah, there's an option.

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