Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Private Schools, Special Day Class's, Mainstreaming, Inclusion...

Okay a special ed teacher just said to me, "Kids with ASD should be in class's with their peers. Why don't you put Nicky in a non public school or a special day class with his peers.? Don't you think he would be calmer happier and build better self esteem if he was around kids like him, kids who acted like him?"

She was kind and sincerely believed that Nicky would be best served, not around typical kids, but kids who also shared his disability.  Initially I was a little stunned, but I really felt what she was saying and I just froze. It took me a minute respond. Then it hit me. I've parented Nicky and Evyn as individuals, working hard to find schools or classrooms that fit their unique personalities. That has little to do with autism and everything to do with how I parent.  If the day came when I thought Nicky would be happier or benefit more from being in a special day class, he'd be there. It just hasn't been that day for him, but I know it is the best choice for someone  else.  She seemed to hear me too.

Another example of the saying reminding us that all our kids are unique... "If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism."

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