Thursday, February 24, 2011

School Standardized Testing

Nicky is fully included in a general education setting. Today I learned that 7th Graders have to take a writing test as part of the standardized testing. I can have him do it, or I can opt out. I am going to opt out because although Nicky can write, this test requires him to read long pieces of text and write a summary. Nicky has great difficulties with language processing,  he can't do this test with minimal support. I've talked to his team and we have decided to ask that he be tested on his IEP goals during that time instead. This way we test him based on his goals, not the school districts. It's more important that he feel good about himself, and work on things that move him forward than sit in a room unable to participate. Another day, another decision.

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  1. This is exactly my decision-making process when evaluating these tests for my included child. People sometimes miss my child's perspective during the testing. The PE/health fitness testing was different. He was not tested but he did participate and enjoyed the PE with his friends.