Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Friends or Just Being Nice to the "Special" Kid

Much of the journey of raising Nicky consists of being strong enough to push my way through a dark tunnel, in hopes that there will be light at the end. Which therapy, which decision, which diet, which medications should we try, which will work?. We never know until we get there....and we don't really know where "there" is, but it's somewhere, somewhere different than where we were. That may sound crazy if you don't know the journey, but if you do, you understand.

Today I saw light at the end of the tunnel in the form of confirmation that my decision to fully include him in general education is a good thing for him, the students and the entire school community at large. Armed with reinforcement from teachers, administrators, therapists and kids, he's been fully included in general ed for 6 years now.

He's on his 3rd school, he's in 7th grade and he's happy. He has real friends, kids who seek him out to talk and see how' he's doing. Friends who ask about helping him with sports. Friends who ask questions about autism so they can better understand Nicky. Friends in his grade, and seniors who have taken a liking to him and chat with him everyday.  I used to be afraid that his school friendships with kids would not be sincere, that it would just be pity. I was wrong, I under estimated the kids and Nicky. They are not nice in the way some people are nice to the "special kid", they really like him!



  1. That is wonderful...hope I can say the same someday.

  2. Hi Donna
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