Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LAUSD Broadcast of the Teachers Hour

LAUSD's amazing Autism Specialist Debbie Moss asked if I would join some 14 teachers, administrators and parents in an open discussion on the Teachers Hour (KLCA-TV) to talk about how we used collaboration and communication to improve Nicky's school experience.

It was a great group of people who are clearly dedicated to seeing LAUSD be the best it can be. I appreciated being given the opportunity to voice an opinion. We were just getting rolling...just getting to the meat of the matter, ready to dig in and poof... it was time to say good night. Oh, well maybe next time.  

The program is now online for anyone who would like to view it. You can also view the other programs they have done, send  in comments and participate in the conversation when it's live, complete with Spanish translation.  I liked seeing some of the administrative faces typically invisible to us.


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  1. Hi Donna -

    You Rock! You are so wonderful to take the time to go to out & talk & then come home & find the time to write!