Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colors and ASD...A Unique Perspective with Purpose

Nothing with Nicky happens in developmental order, but everything has order, including colors! Check this out….  
When Nicky was a little guy I couldn't get him to pick up a crayon or show the slightest interest in a coloring book. When he was 10, I introduced him to word searches to build off of his love of the alphabet and develop an age appropriate activity he could do on his own.  He took to the word searches. At first he circled the words with a pencil, then pen and next he found color markers. He loved circling each word with a different color marker. He 

loves all the colors of the markers. Now he's into his coloring books. (Good thing I didn't toss them all in the trash!.)  But, he doesn't color like the other kids, he does it his way! ASD is so interesting. You can see how he uses all the colors in a single image from a coloring book and if you look closely at the word search you see he circles the word and marks it off the list with the same color. He's created his own color key! Amazing :)

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