Friday, September 2, 2011

"Behaviors" In Action, Nicky 1, Mom & Sister 1 - Part 3 Success, Video of a Dr. Visit

All my ABA training failed me in this moment (See hospital video 1 and 2) because Nicky just wasn't going to cooperate. Aften an hour of trying to connect his EEG, with the help of three nurses we failed when home. But it's not over here we are back again with supports in the form of Nicks big sister. Nicky was working us, first me and then his sister. But in the end, his sister and the nurses get it done, while Mom - who's comfort has become the ultimate reinforcer - stays out of the room.  It's funny to see how easy and fast the process goes once Nicky resigns himself. 


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  2. Evyn is fantastic. She bore out the storm, was patient and firm. She has learned a lot from her mom. Thank you so much for sharing these difficult moments with us.