Saturday, September 10, 2011

Facing Facts: ASD Aggression and the Real World

Nick has two deficits which are his biggest barriers to living in the community. I don't mean living an independent life, I mean not living in an institution.  Aggression and a lack of safety awareness will determine how included he will be in society. He's going to be a grown man and once again, the things people tolerate while he's little will not be accepted from an adult. Especially a big black man kind of an adult! 

Our journey working on these is constant, non-stop. We take little tiny steps forward and steps backwards, the progress is slow and imperfect, but we have made progress.  There are other posts where I show the tools we've created, but this is the first video on the topic.
I learn so much every time I meet with ABA behaviorists, so I decided to tape a recent meeting with members of his behavioral team, where we talked about strategy. It's an unedited piece, in part because I don't know how to edit and I didn't want to risk taking something out that might be useful to someone :). 

Here's to helping our kids. 


  1. Happy to announce that we have touchy a 22 year old Ary how to ride a bike. Ofcourse his new obsession is now his helmet that he even wears in the shower. I love this movie that's called ladan's life. Where is my popcorn?:)))

  2. It's great to be reminded that our kids never stop developing.

  3. You've done so much work on this site. Excellent! I'm learning so much.

    Eric M