Friday, April 6, 2012

We're back..on the Depakote (aka Depakene)

We're back on the Depakote. Seems it was doing so much more for Nicky than controlling his seizures. I never knew he was so reliant on this medication to function. I remember it took weeks when we first introduced this medication to get the right dose. We took notes for weeks watching his responses and adjusting the dose when he would have negative reactions.  As a last resort, last week his Dr. put him back on the medication - at the full dose he was taking 3 months ago- and after just one dose he began to get tired.  After three dose's he slept through the night. We went a long way, to end up back where we started. But right now I'm just so excited that he's sleeping. Well he's more than sleeping, his body is so exhausted from not getting enough rest he's existing in a quasi Zombi state.

Note to self:  In this case Zombi is better than Energizer least for the moment.

Note to parents whose young children are taking Depakote...if you go off the drug be prepared for the possibility that it's mood stabilizing qualities may have successfully masked behaviors and once off the medication you may see things you've never seen before.


  1. There are so many different therapies and one approach to reducing medications has some potential. I dont know if its applicable to Nicki but if you can find a good therapist with a strong history and back ground in this area,it may be something to consider. Neurofeedback therapy is being used to control epilepsy, adhd, depression and now more work is being done with autism. It opened some doors for us, but its not a cure and is expensive.Its important to find one with good background and knows what they are doing if you decide to go that route.

  2. I was just having a conversation about Neurofeedback and I am going to check it out. Thank you!

  3. Spent way too much money on Neurofeedback.... No change except for in my financial status. Have pretty much tried everything. Autism is Autism.