Thursday, August 22, 2013

News Alert: Upcoming Candidate Forum - Let's be Heard!

News Alert: Upcoming Candidate Forum - Let's be Heard!

This just in from Jennifer Kaiser, in George Steven's office at North Los Angeles Regional Center.  It's great that 9 of the candidates what to hear from us - let's give them an ear full! 
It is extremely important that we get  a good turnout at the upcoming candidates forum that will be held next Tuesday evening, August 27th.   Nine of the 11 candidates running for the Assembly Seat (left vacant by Bob Blumenfield) will be participating!  Information about the candidates forum is attached.  Please RSVP before Monday at 818-778-4405 or at

Thank you in advance for your much needed support!!   We need to show these candidates that there is strength in our numbers!

 Here's Jennifer's info. if you have any questions. Thanks J.K. :) 
Jennifer Kaiser
Executive Assistant
Phone: 1-818-756-6118
Administration - Executive Assistant | North Los Angeles County Regional Center 
15400 Sherman Way #170 , Van Nuys, CA, 91406 

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