Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 Autism Update: Dr. Michael G. Chez

2013 Autism Update: Dr. Michael G. Chez

This quick update is well worth a listen, even if 

only confirms what you already know. 

On a personal note. Dr. Chez has treated Nick since he was 3 and we still rely on him. He helped Nick when others could not. I credit him totally with successfully diagnosing and treating Nick's epilepsy. 12 years ago, he was one of the only doctors focused on kids with Autism and Epilepsy and he continues to push the envelop and take risks to help out kids.  I'm grateful for what he's done and I thankful there are so many more doctors out there today treating our kids and pushing the envelop in search for answers.  They give me hope. 

Hear from Dr. Michael G. Chez about the growth in the number of children diagnosed with autism, research to treat autism symptoms and new governmental focus around innovation in the brain

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