Friday, October 11, 2013

News Alert: Self Determination Bill Signed into LAW

Self-Determination Program Option Becomes Law For Individuals With Developmental Disabilities

SB 468 Increases Flexibility for Regional Center Consumers Self-Determination Program Option Becomes Law For Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
SB 468 Increases Flexibility for Regional Center ConsumersSacramento - Senator Bill Emmerson (R - Redlands) announced today that Senate Bill 468 was signed into law. This bill creates a statewide Self-Determination Program for individuals with developmental disabilities, providing an innovative approach to the traditional method of how regional centers provide services to consumers.  
"This bill is a giant leap forward for consumers in the regional center system. Individuals with developmental disabilities will be able to take charge of their future by choosing services that are most effective rather than relying on services chosen by the regional centers," Senator Emmerson said. "It also eliminates needless bureaucracy as the participants and their parents will have control over the services, supports and resources that are available, which is the original intent of the Lanterman Act."    
The statewide Self-Determination Program created by SB 468 builds upon the successful Self-Determination Pilot Project the Legislature passed in 1998 that only applied to five of the 21 regional centers and was capped at 200 participants. This bill would open up the Self-Determination Program to all regional center consumers throughout the state but will be phased in over three years and serve up to 2,500 consumers. After the initial phase in period, the program will be available on a voluntary basis.
"SB 468 is the most important law to have passed in decades for individuals with developmental disabilities like my son, who is now 45 years old. These individuals want choice and control over their lives," stated Dr. Harvey A. Lapin, member of Autism Society of Los Angeles. "This law makes that possible."
This bill was co-sponsored by Disability Rights California and Autism Society of Los Angeles. 
Senator Emmerson represents the 23rd State Senate District, which covers portions of Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.  

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