Thursday, December 12, 2013

When Our Kids Hit Us - The Pain Behind the Impact

This week Nicky – completely by accident – hit me in the eye and I have a black eye.

If this happened with my daughter, I would be find.  Because it’s Nick and it’s aggression - which is his E ticket out of society - I’m so upset.  I wish I wasn’t, because it WAS an accident, but I am.  for two days I've been asking myself why? Why am I so upset? And I finally got it. I’m upset because I’m afraid. Afraid if he’s aggressive at school, in a park, anywhere but here at home other people will not be so understanding or forgiving.  He won’t get the same benefit of the doubt given a typical person.  I’m afraid as I “imagine” what could happen to him. How do I protect him.  This spiral is going nowhere. I have to tell myself to stop. 

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