Thursday, January 30, 2014

Therapy Chickens??? Yep!

I loved this...just goes to show what parents can do! Never give up :)

Florida Leaders Allow Toddler With Autism To Keep ‘Therapy Chickens’ 

KFOR-TV and A. Edwards 

      A 3-year-old autistic boy in DeBary, Florida, will be allowed to keep his chickens.

A special exception was approved by the DeBary City Council on Wednesday night.  The parents of J.J. Hart had been fighting city officials for more than a year to allow their son to keep his three pet chickens.

The boy’s parents said they've seen big differences in their son since the chickens were brought to their home.

      “The changes are tremendous,” Ashleigh Hart said. “He’s talking."
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  1. If they were not so darned messy, I'd say, "Let Nick have a couple of ducks!"