Thursday, June 5, 2014

Take 2 Minutes and Help IHSS workers!

This is critical to anyone disabled or elderly who needs help to continue to live at home. IHSS WORKERS ARE THE ONES WHO PROVIDE THAT SERVICE.  It's a critical service provided by the State and the people who care for our loved ones deserve to make a decent wage. Right now they make just over $9.00 an hour. 

We're doing everything in our power to make sure the cuts to In-Home Supportive Services are restored, and the caps on caregiver hours are lifted. Can you take a moment to support us by making a phone call to Governor Brown right away? (916) 445-2841
Please call, select your preferred language; select "speak with a representative," and say:
"The 7 percent cut to In-Home Supportive Services needs to be restored. And the proposed cap on IHSS caregiver hours needs to be lifted. IHSS was cut during the darkest days of the fiscal crisis in order to balance the budget. But the state is running a multibillion dollar surplus through 2017. IHSS funding can and should be restored now!  

IHSS caregivers working over 40 hours a week stand to lose as much as 43 percent of their incomes if paid IHSS hours are capped. By denying homecare workers overtime, as offered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, caps on paid hours force caregivers into poverty. To make matters worse, caps disrupt the continuity of care California's most vulnerable rely on to manage mental and physical health challenges. California doesn't need IHSS caps or cuts!"
Last night, 500 of us held a candlelight vigil on the lawn of the State Capitol to remind the Governor that every hour of care counts!

Today, we're 5,000 strong—caregivers, homecare consumers, and supporters of In-Home Supportive Services—standing strong inside and outside of our Golden State's executive and legislative offices!

We are running out of time
 to change the Governor's mind.  A vote on the state budget is expected June 13.  Your voice makes a difference.  Help us restore the 7 percent cut to IHSS, and overturn the proposal to cap caregiver hours today:
Call Governor Brown *RIGHT AWAY*: (916) 445-2841

Tell Gov. Brown "NO CAPS! NO CUTS!" right away via email, Facebook, & Twitter:

Check-in with us throughout the day by watching live video of our actions in Sacramento:
Don't wait to support IHSS consumers and providers: Act Now!

Thank you, #EveryHourCounts

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