Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2.5 Million Readers Pick Top Posts for 2014

Autism Day By Day - 2.5 Million Readers Pick Top Posts for 2014
What a year! Autism Day by Day became an official National Institute of health resource and more than 2.5 million of you logged onto Autism Day by Day. When the year was over you had unanimously picked the following posts to make up the top 20 reads! Your favorites covered every topic from Bullies to Puberty, Police to Cover Up's at the CDC, Joy of Surfing to Statistics, Employment and what makes us really mad, these are the posts that got your attention.  

MIT Reports 1/2 of all US Children will have autism by ..

A Candid Conversation with A Cop - Be afraid!

​​National PSA address's Autism Related Wandering; Spread the Word!

Bullies without Boundaries!
Puberty, Part II Managing Masturbation! A must read for Moms

11 Ted Talks to a Happier Life! 
CDC Vaccine Cover Up Reported

Disney Faces More Heat in Autism Lawsuits

A Must See Video!  Autism + Surfing = Pure Joy!

Police and Autism a Dangerous Mix

​​​Autism Online Job Board

Disney Law Suit

There may soon be a way to genetically test children for ASD

Why "Retarded Needs to Be Retired"

Employment Improves Autism Symptoms

Autism and Meditation - A good mix!

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