Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Riddle me this? Where do we all send our kids where Common Sense is Not Common????

Riddle me this? Where do we all have to go, where Common Sense Not Common???? School! Beware the "Drill and Kill" it starts in 1st grade and continues to follow as a preferred educational method through high-school, which makes no sense! Let's be real, if my child has not learned the calendar by High School, continuing to do "Circle time and drilling months and days of the week" is not going to cut it! Clearly he doesn't care, or get the relevence. 

Until recently I thought that was the epitome of "No Common Sense", it couldn’t' get any worse. And then BAM...surprise more crazy crazy! My son who is not on the diploma track, has to sit in the classroom and do worksheets for English, math and history because it's common core! Common Core for WHO!!!  Nick is not on the diploma track  and he doesn't need to know the history of America or recite the Presidents. What he needs is life and vocational skills. He needs to be able to walk from point A to point B safely. He needs to be able to ask questions and follow directions relevant to doing a job. He needs to use the math and reading skills he has already learned to do a job. He needs to be given an IEP that lets him take what he has learned from Kinder to 9th grade and apply them. He needs to generalize what he has learned to the real world, so when he leaves school he has learned something that will help him exist in society! He needs and deserves an education that helps him to be independent, and memorizing information that means nothing will not get him there. 

However LAUSD seemingly disagrees with federal law, that states a student’s IEP is king. So, here I go again folks another battle. Wish me luck! 


Angry Mom! 


  1. I'm not sure what the answer is when it comes to inclusion. I've seen the good and the bad and the ugly. What is important is what you mention---making a life for our kids post-high school. It's not necessary for them to be in every academic class after the primary grades. Each child needs his own individual road map, which is ideally what an IEP should be.

  2. You are definitely on point, this is the exact sentiment I believe. IEP : One size doesn't fit all. The schools should be working on core life skills and branch off these according to INDIVIDUAL needs. The education is a cash cow for those on spectrum because the child will have spent 20,000 hours in classroom and be be prepared yo do what independently.. IEP Individual Escape Plan from REALITY. :( Kids need better advocacy..