Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gut Microbe Study May Lead to Potential Autism Treatment

If your child with autism has had gut issues this is a must read that spells progress. Anyone who's read this blog knows Nick had gut issues before he had ANY signs of autism and that autism is an autoimmune illness. I've always known his gut was connected to his autism. I've always felt that his gut issues triggered his autism. However, few Dr.'s, with the exception of Dr. Jacqulyn McCandless, ever provided Nick any relief.   If anyone out there is doing this treatment, please comment and let me know.

New gut microbe study may lead to potential autism treatment

Scientists look to gut microbes for a possible new treatment for autism.
By Amy Wallace  
Jan. 23 (UPI) -- Researchers at Arizona State University have found improved autism symptoms in participants who were given medications to treat gut microbes.
The research team of scientists from Arizona State, Northern Arizona University, Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota, studied 18 people ages 7 to 16 with autism spectrum disorders for 10 weeks.
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Study participants were given a treatment of antibiotics, a bowel cleanse, and daily fecal microbial transplants over an eight-week period.
The study showed an average of 80 percent improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms common in people with autism and a 20 to 25 percent improvement in certain autism behaviors including social skills and sleep habits.
"The results were very compelling," James Adams, ASU president's professor of materials science and engineering and study author, said in a press release. "We completed a Phase 1 trial demonstrating safety and efficacy, but recommending such treatment and bringing it to market requires Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials. We look forward to continuing research on this treatment method with a larger, placebo-controlled trial in the future."
The fecal microbial transplant transfers live gut bacteria from a healthy donor and contains roughly 1,000 different species of gut bacteria that act as probiotics.
"We saw a big increase in microbe diversity and a big increase in certain bacteria, especially Prevotella, which we previously found was low in children with autism spectrum disorders," Dae-Wook Kang, researcher at Biodesign Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology and co-author of the study, said in a press release.
Researchers stressed the need for further research and a placebo-controlled trial.
The study was published in Microbiome.


  1. Donna, you started me on this journey years ago when you brought the excellent research of Dr. Jacquelyn McCandless to my attention. And now, her theories, which were so far ahead of their time that she was considered a quack, are proving to be true. I'm so sorry she has passed away and cannot feel the satisfaction of witnessing her work help so many families and individuals who have struggled with symptoms that we now know are tied to gut issues. It does not escape my radar that Dr. McC was a woman in a male-dominated field...where have we seen this kind of snubbing before?

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