Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Special Needs & Legal Issues...Get Answers

October is National Special Needs Law Month. 

As a single mom and sole support for Nick I am always  concerned about protecting him while I am alive, and my concerns go even deeper when I think about what will happen to him when I am no longer here to protect him and be his advocate. Clearly I can't stay here forever, but I've learned that does not make me helpless when it comes to protecting him after I die. I hate thinking about his life when I'm not here, but I know ignoring the reality could have devastating consequences for him. So I think of it, knowing the legal planning I do now will protect him, and it's the biggest gift I can pass on. 

That is why I want to raise awareness about legal planning and resources for individuals with special needs. No matter how much I learn I always have questions, and I know all families are concerned and want to understand about legal planning for individuals with disabilities to protect their civil and personal rights, dignity, and quality of life. 

Here is a great list of resources you may find useful:

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