Friday, October 26, 2007

Dangers and The Single Mom

My next door neighbor was followed into her house by a man armed with a knife who planned to rob them. The good news is that my neighbor surprised him because she had a friend in the house, who surprised him back and he ran. Turns out this man is part of a crew of thieves who where hitting our area. I am freaked out, not just because the thought of such an incident is horrifying, but I am a single mom with a daughter and a son who has no idea what a robber is.

I worry that someone would come in the house and not understand a boy running and jumping and Nicky would not understand if I yelled "stop" and he would scare a thief and get himself shot.

I never really thought about that kind of safety, I've focused on cars, pools, crossing streets and him not leaving home and going to the neighbors naked. Those are scary but the thought of him in a violent situation, is really scary because he would not understand.

I don't have any solutions to this one...I know I'm not the gal to own a gun because I would be nervous every day that Nicky might get it.  My solution right now lays in the lap of our big dog and her instinct to protect us. She looks like a killer and I'm counting on her and a good alarm system to keep the bad guys out.

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