Monday, March 16, 2009

"Local Mom Uses Autistic Son to Run off Paparazzi".

Last week Nicky’s school bus could not drop him in front of the house because a band of paparazzi were parked in front, stalking my new neighbor. I don’t like them there, they drive fast, they fill up our quiet street, they just sit for hours in their cars (working on lap tops) and leave their coffee cups in the street. It’s creepy and dangerous.

Once Nicky figures out that people on the street have his favorite thing, computers, in their cars...he will be stalking them! Not Good.

So, I went out and nicely asked them to leave; they were not impressed. They just kind of shrugged and didn’t really acknowledge my request. So I opted for a more direct approach and I took Nicky outside to introduce him personally to the paparazzi. I calmly explained that I know we all have to make a living, but my kid doesn’t understand how to watch out for traffic, and he has no idea who you are. He could run out the front door and we would have a tragedy. It would be horrific if their speeding cars hit kid the ASD kiddo. So you frighten me parking right in front of my house, could you please park somewhere else and tell your friends about Nicky.

I'll be darned, they left. I can read the headlines now "Local Mom Uses Autistic Son to Run off Paparazzi".

Oh, never a dull moment!

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  1. Just found you via The Autism Retort. Love! It's great to find another single mom who gets it.

    I live in the Midwest, where paparazzi are about as common as tsetse flies. But my autie-sons run off many other unwanted neighborhood visitors, particularly Jehovah's Witnesses and politicians.

    Come visit me sometime at Mama on the Edge. But be warned: my blog is anonymous, so nothing is left to the readers' imagination. I let it all hang out, and let me tell you, two teen boys on the spectrum can be perty scary.