Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teaching Choices and Learning about Preferences

Fun Food Activity for Parents

I patched together ideas from Nicky speech therapist and behaviorist to come us with this game because my Nicky has such a difficult time expanding his interest. Introducing anything is rough, including FOOD. I used this game to expand his food choices, help him get used to making independent choice and to give me a change to learn his preferences. This is a yummy way to build choices, independence and confidence. Because it's visual all kids can do it and I learned a few surprises about Nicky's preferences.

Hint: Begin by creating your own list with some of the things you know your child enjoys.

Step One: Set up a story. Joe is going to a friend’s house to visit. His friend wants to make sure his visit will be special. He asked Joe some questions so he could know things Joe liked best. Step Two: Ask the question and have the child circle the one they like better. Example Fish or Chicken…which do you like better?

Bacon or Sausage

Eggs or Hash browns

Pancakes or Waffles

Lemonade or Orange Juice

Apple Juice or Milk

Pizza or Hot Dogs

Taco or Hamburger

Chips or Popcorn

Ice Cream or Yogurt

Cake or Cookies

Chicken or Fish

Pasta or Rice

Raisins or Nuts

Grapes or Strawberries

Apples or Oranges

Turkey Wrap or Peanut Butter and Jelly

Step Three: Once your child gets used to choosing you can put a favorites list on the Fridge and let him choose from there!

Build Your Own Games: You can vary the game with anything like "Drawing or Painting", "Sleeping on the Top or Bottom Bunk", "Riding Bikes or Skateboards", "Going Hiking or to the Beach" and on and on. Have Fun!

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