Thursday, May 26, 2011

Diploma Track, Office of Civil Rights, The Teachers Hour ost-Traumatic Stress IEP Syndrome and More!

I've been so busy, doing everything but writing and I have much to share! Here's what's coming.... 

1.     My recent success overcoming my severe P.T.S.I.E.P.S 
(Post-Traumatic Stress IEP Syndrome) that I have suffered from for the past 10 years

2.     To do or not to do…The good, the bad and the impact of what I didn’t know about Nicky being on the diploma track and my decision.

3.     Nicky’s program today – working with an incredible team and supportive school we have created a program that looks beyond middle school, into high school and beyond.

4.     The journey to the successful outcome of our assertion that Los Angeles Unified discriminated against Nicholas has been resolved after 2 years of  investigation by the Office of Civil Rights.

Tonight I'm joining some 14 teachers, administrators and parents in an open discussion on the Teachers Hour (KLCA-TV) to talk about how we used collaboration and communication to improve Nicky's school experience. 

If you are interested you can view the show at  

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