Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finally! My Bed Is Empty!

Evyn slept on the floor outside my bedroom door for three days - where she stood firm and refused to let an incredibly determined Nicky go into Mom's bed. Night after night, all night long he protested, tantrumed and yelled and unlike Mom, Evyn stood firm "No Mommies Bed!".  She refused to give in, so thanks to her Nicky is now sleeping in his own bed!  I AM SO HAPPY. It was time, well past time. I guess I wasn't ready until now. I was too worried about all the frightening things that could happen if he got out of bed and I didn't hear him, or if he had a seizure or got hurt and I wasn't right there.  I felt safer when I knew he was right next to me. I wasn't ready to have him 20 feet away.

There's nothing like rolling over and being startled by the sight of  my child,  looking more like a man than a boy still sleeping in my bed to bring on a reality check. Suddenly I knew I was ready. I knew we would be okay and slowly I let myself get excited about the possibilities. No more waking up to the sound of a kiddo peeing, no more being slapped in the face as his body flails, no more sleeping in a tiny corner because he's sprawled out all over the bed, no more waking up to find his hand on my tush!
It's a good day and night.  Thanks Evyn.

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