Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sleeping Alone...Getting Nicky out of my bed

I DID IT!!!  Two nights in a row I've out negotiated Nicky and he went to sleep in his bed instead of mine! This has been a long journey. First he slept all night in my bed then he began to sleep most of the night in his bed... less two exceptions.  One, he had to fall asleep in my bed and then be moved to his bed, which is not so easy since he's my size. Two, when he wakes up - with the sun - his first move is to come into mommies bed!

So I'm two for three. If we keep this up he'll be in his bed all night before he turns 14! May not sound like much, but it's been rough and I'm darn proud of both of us :) 

1 comment:

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