Tuesday, May 7, 2013

IEP Parent Rights - Answers to 12 Most Frequently Asked IEP Questions

  1. Parents do not have to sign an IEP at the end of an IEP meeting if they disagree with the IEP. 
  2. Parents can sign an IEP with exception, for example “I am signing this IEP but I disagree with the teams decision to reduce my child’s hours for speech and I am at this time filing a request for due process”.
  3. Parents who need a language interpreter to thoroughly understand everything being said/read in the IEP, can request an interpreter (which you need to do in advance of the IEP and I recommend you do so in writing). Parents will then be provided with an interpreter for the IEP at no cost to you.
  4. Parents have the right to request that their child be assessed for Special Education without delay. 
  5. Parents have the right to list all of their concerns in the IEP. 
  6. Parents have the right to file complaints, including state complaints and due process complaints, and disagree with parts or all of the IEP.
  7. Parents have the right to ask for an Independent Educational Evaluation at public expense when they disagree with the school district’s assessments. 
  8. Parents have a right to request a new IEP meeting be held within 30 days of a written request when an IEP is already in place. 
  9. Parents have the right to participate in the IEP meeting and have their opinions heard and noted. 
  10. Parents have the right to bring any person to an IEP meeting with knowledge of the child or the child’s disability including social workers, case workers, family members, advocates and attorneys. 
  11. Parents have the right to review and receive copies of their child’s educational records. 
  12. Parents have the right to consent, refuse to consent or revoke consent for special education for their child. 

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