Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Warning - Hidden Messages in Teen Clothing!!!!!

Boy was I humiliated!!!  I'm the mom who says "If  you don't know where a word or phase came from, don't use it!"  Just because people are saying it all the time, and the kids say it, doesn't mean you want to say it.  I do the homework".  That's how I learned that the whole low pants trend on men started in prison  (it's a myth that it has anything to do with sex, and gay men...but enough of society thinks it's true, it might as well be) and it's not a look I'm encouraging for my black male child!  Then there's the popular phrases "It sucks" and "That's tight" if you guess they originated as sexual're right!

So why would a mom paying so much attention get a call from school saying "Do you know what Nick's shirt means? Do you know what a Cleveland Steamer is?" A girl came up to Nick's aid and said "You're kidding right", that's a joke?" All I could say was what do you mean? He's wearing his red Cleveland Steamers shirt, it's a baseball shirt.  I was part right. But the WRONG part was massive!!!! The back of the shirt said "Tenacious D, 6666". it looked like team players name and number.NOT!! I know some of you are already gasping and laughing hysterically because you were in on the joke, you know Jack Black, but it's no doubt a 20 something reference far of the radar any one over 40 something and special needs kiddo's, and a slew of other not so hip folks.  It's so funky and gross I'm not going to spell it out, if you want to know ask a 20/30 something or look it up...and warning, be prepared for a major OMG moment!

That said, I'm sure they made more than one of these, so heads up! 


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