Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Advocate, Don't Discriminate!

I don't know about anywhere else but here in hot LA teenage boys typically don't smell so great all the time, especially after PE. This isn't me giving the boys a bad time, it's just how it is and it's easily proven by a quick stroll down a high school hall when it's crowded with kids, or by just popping your head into the locker room for a few seconds. Yikes!!!  

So riddle me this Batman. On what planet would a teacher send a special ed kid - who has a one on one aid - to the nurse's office for body odor?  What is the nurse going to do? Examine him for extraordinary odors?! Then what? Again, maybe it's just me but, it seems if a kid really smelled that bad there were simple solutions vs humiliating him and sending him to the nurse who could do little or nothing. For one, the aid could simply take the kiddo into the bathroom to wash up. Or, in this case call his at home mom and ask if she could bring him a new shirt and some deodorant.  

Have you ever heard of a typical teen boy being sent to the nurse for body odor?  If this was the case, we would have to double up on school nurses to meet the demand, LOL!

This is crazy making to me and, pardon the pun smells of injustice! The kind of unconscious bias our kids in special ed face every day. Just sadder when the ones with the bias are the ones who are supposed to be looking out for our kids. 

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