Friday, September 5, 2014

OMG, Who wouldn't want that Kid!!!!

Really?!, Who wouldn't want a teenager who...

Is joyous and laughing most of the time instead of complaining.

Never holds a grudge

Never lied to you.

Never rolled their eyes in disgust, made that awful "tisk" sound with their tongue, or looked at you as if you were crazy because you asked them to do something.

Could not care less about wearing "Labels" to impress their peers.

You can spend $5.00 or $500 for their birthday or Christmas, and they are just as thankful.

Has a great sense of humor.

Always let's their sibling take the front seat!

Isn't embarrassed to be seen with mom.

Has an incredible memory, seemingly fondly remembers everyone they ever met.

Never gossips, or puts down other people.

Judges people based only on how they treat others; not where you live, how you look, how much money you have, how popular you are or what you drive.

Treats everyone the same no matter their race, age, intelligence, or physical appearance.

Would never join a gang or get mixed up in the wrong crowd.

Feels remorse when they make you mad.

Almost never complains about doing daily chores.

Oh, and when they are sick will take really nasty tasking medicine without complaining.

Well I have one, Nick!!

So to all of you who ask "How do you do it?" or think my life is so hard, consider that.


because she see's this, even when she wants to toss him out, I also have an angel is his sister!

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