Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Critical Advocacy Tool Goes Online!!! The Lanterman Act Crosses into the 21st Century! Good News for All :)

The Lanterman Act crosses into the 21st Century! Good news for all :) Call me crazy, or cra cra if you prefer, but I was flat our excited to see this document make it online. It's a critical tool for all CA families who need to know their rights!  

The 2015 Lanterman Disabilities Act is now online!


At a time when budget cuts are trying to take away services, our best chance at protecting them and our children is to know our rights and now we can do that a little easire!  BTW some amazing families fought to make the Lanterman Act happen when the only option for our kids was an institution. If you have not seen this video, grab a hanky have a seat, and check it out.  

We Can't Forget The Past! Watch this documentary “We are Here to Speak for Justice”

If you don’t read this piece, watch this documentary  
"We're Here to Speak for Justice"   http://www.lanterman.org/uploads/videos/video_werehere.html.  Here’s the link…please give it another go!  (new link 8/1/2011)

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