Friday, February 13, 2015

Sensory Solutions for Teens and Adults!

"Yogibo" a giant pillow designed to give big kids the sensory input they need!

Nick is 5'10", 170lbs and needs full body pressure to calm and organize his body. When he was younger there were so many choices from park swings to mini trampolines to indoor suspended equiptment.  Now he's too big for bean bags, and when he leaps (actually he agressively throws himself) onto a bed or couch, I cringe knowing he's going to break something!

Until recently I had taken to covering him with big pillows and then sitting on him, which seemed wrong on so many levels! LOL 

Recently I introduced the "Yogibo" and he loved it! It is super dense and sturdy enought to take all Nick can dish out, which is alot! Seems it is well worth the investment as he can keep it for years to come, it makes him happy and I'm sure it's going to save our funiture.

BTW:  The only drawback is finding a place to keep it when it doesn't have a kid on it. I just stand it up in a corner and ignore it :).