Monday, February 23, 2015

Autism and Alzheimer's - Medications that work for Nick

Nick has been taking Namenda for several years. It's a drug associated with Altzheimers treatment. Nick takes it and I am certain it helps him with focus.  Nick takes a combination of medications and supplements and has since he was first diagnosed.  Over the years I've made a habbit of reducing dose's of medications and supplements either on my own because proof that they work is anicdotial and/or under his Dr.'s direct supervision.  I do this to check in to see if  something is really working, still working or if it can be eliminated.  This week I experiemented with a mild reduction of Nick's Namenda. I do not tell anyone, not his sister or his aids. because I don't want them to change their behavior.  I saw the difference Nick was less focused, and his frustration was really low. The team also reported a bad week. Seems Namenda still works for him. 

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