Friday, February 20, 2015

Residential Summer Camp for Adults 18-26 with Developmental Disabilities!! Wow

I had to share this! There are not enough of these camps for our bigger kids. Camps and groups who offer quality programs are critical and need our support. It's not free, but there are organizations who offer grants for summer camp. My kiddo is not old enough to go yet. If anyone has gone and has feedback, or has any ideas on where to get grants, or more programs. PLEASE POST. 

CAN Camp 2015

Residential Summer Camp for Adults 18-26 with Developmental Disabilities

$1150 includes room, board and activities 

Campers stay in the dorms at California State University of Long Beach while enjoying activities in Long Beach. 

The focus of the camp is to experience independent living while practicing life and social skills in a supportive environment.   

For more information on CAN Camp please contact us by email at 
or by phone (562) 804-5556

Space is limited so get your application in early!

Testimony from campers

Chris said, "This was the best week of my life, I did not want to leave"

Kevin said, "Can Camp was the best time of my life!" (Now one of his favorite thing to do is paddle boarding)

Felix said, "It was amazing, I have not been able to do many of these things before with my    friends, I want to get a job so that I can live on my own"

Betty Pearson,John's Mom said"do you want to come back again next year and he said Yes! (John says yes to just about everything) his mother then asked "can I come too?" And John said No!!! His mother was stunned because he very rarely says no...

Betty Pearson, John's mom - I kept on hanging around camp when finally Terri said John is going to be fine. I left went to my car and cried, not out of sadness but out of happiness. Foir the first time I got a glimmer of hope that John can live an independent life.
Henry said, while jumping thru the waves at Bolsa Chica Beach," this is great! Also stating, Can we do this again? On his last day he asked can I go to Can Camp next summer?"

Marcus said, (a man of very few words) to Terri one of the Camp Directors, "I love you, I'm happy!" 

Ivan said, "I loved doing everything, but my favorite things were learning to boogie board and sitting around the campfire at Bolsa Chica Beach with my friends"
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