Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Do Alternative High School Curriculum's Improve Outcomes?

Watch Nick sing with the general education choir, and you tell me?

Everytime I push the envelope working to get more for Nick, I pray for more than a paper cut! Recently it's been all about not letting him graduate a social functional illiterate; which meant getting the district to work with me to build an alternative curriculum. They agreed and we built a schedule which got him out of the classroom and in settings where he could work on generalizing and using the skills he has already learned. 

One of his classes on our alternative curriculum is Choir, this year was his second year. Year one, he became aware of more songs and now listens to a greater body of music. When it came to the school performance last year, he was happy to go and get on stage, but he didn't sing he just swayed happily!. Which I was thrilled about. 

This year he got up on stage, still swayed and sang every word. He worked hard, and he delivered with all typical peers! So proud.