Thursday, November 8, 2007

No Cause, No Cure?

As of today: Doctors and scientists do not know what causes autism. They also do not know if what we currently call “autism” is one disease or disorder or several different conditions. They do know that the immune system is involved and that some, if not all autism has an environmental trigger (vs a single autism gene). They do know that inflammation is a key factor in the illness.

They don't know why it mostly impacts boys or why the number of children impacted has reached epidemic proportions. At the same time, more money and time is being dedicated to answering these questions and finding a cure than ever before and answers are beginning to emerge. However, they don't have a cure (which means something that eliminated the illness on everyone) for Autism, at least not yet.

Some families have been fortunate enough to minimize the impact of autism on their children through Bio Medical or Therapeutic intervention (or a combination of both) and that is a wonderful thing!

However, some children making remarkable progress as a result of these interventions, does not mean THERE IS A CURE FOR AUTISM.

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