Thursday, November 15, 2007

When There's No Cure What Do You Do?

If there's no cure what can we do? Wait and continue to love our children, because Autism is not who they are, it's what they have. While we are waiting we can do out best to learn as much as we can about ASD, we can enroll our children in clinical trials (at respected universities) and we use our knowledge to get the best help available to us. We can connect with groups like Autism Speaks and help them, help us by supporting them in whatever way works for us. We can make sure our politicians and community leaders keep this topic on the front burner. We can continue to be a part of this amazing network on parents who have single handedly put Autism Awareness and finding a cure on the map. We can know that what matters is that we DO. We do the best we can, because we can. We do because, what else is there? We do because it's what's right.

Note to self and others:

1. Do everything to enjoy my life and my children - just like they are - because all we have is right now.
2. Put notes on calendar to check important autism websites monthly for new info.
3. Write letters to my congressman/woman about funding need for children and adults with ASD.
4. Find ways to make a difference everyday, choose to help somehow, someway, someone.


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