Sunday, November 18, 2007

The miracles are there if we are watching.

The miracles are there if we are watching.

I got a miracle. My guy is not non verbal, but the majority of his language is still focused around communicating his wants and needs and repeating over and over the names of things he loves (specifically video’s and animals). His interest are very narrow and it’s hard to expand them.

Tonight I was putting him to bed and I turned on the American Music Awards, very quietly because I wanted to watch. A few minutes into putting him to sleep I turned the volume way down, almost silent, and he jumped up and said “No, mommy volume up”. The song playing was a country tune by Rascal Flats. I used the opening to ask if he wanted TV or did he want to hear the song? He replied “I want to hear the song”. Oh my gosh my kid likes the Rascal Flats and country music! All I can say is Yahoo!!!!!!!!! and I'll be getting some more Rascal Flats music in the morning :-)

This is not the first time Nicky has surprised me by letting me know that he was listening. I often listen to meditation CDs. One of my favorites are by a woman named Belruth Naperstak. Not an easy name. One night I was putting Nicky to bed and he said "Nap Per Stack" and I hesitated. Then I said "What Nicky" and he said Belruth Naperstack. He had been tuned in to what I was listening to when I thought he was fast alseep. Now he listens to Belruth almost every night to relax and go to sleep. It's just amazing what our kids pick up and tune into.

Note to myself and others…

You never know when our kids will share, so keep listening

Keep exposing them to what we get exposed to, and see what catches on...don't think we know what our guys will like. Let them decide.

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