Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A reminder he knows so much

Finally, Nicky's days are getting better. After weeks of being sick he's getting back to being Nicky and then some. Today he did two really cool things. Everyday he comes home with a work log for me to sign and in the space where his aids usually write my name, Nicky wrote my name above the line and then signed for me! He actually tried to duplicate my signature. It was so cute. I never really gave any thought to if he was even paying attention to the parent sign in sheet, but low and behold....he was.

We have been working on getting him to respond to questions/statements. Today his therapist said "Guess What", Nicky replied "what" and she said "Mom's on her way home". Then unexpectedly he said to his therapist "Wendy, Guess what?" she turned to him - really happy and a little surprised that he had turned the tables on her - and said "What Nicky" and he replied "I want to play on the computer".

Finally his conversations are expanding. It's slow but we keep moving forward. We continue to get bits of confirmation that we are moving forward.

It's been a good day.

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